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我们所有的15间洋房均设有宽敞的40平方米的私人客房,设有大型私人阳台和大浴室。 所有阳台面向河流,享有壮丽的河流和山脉美景。 客房设有空调,冰箱,保险箱,电热水壶,免费茶水和咖啡以及蚊帐。

如果您在线直接在线预订,每晚免费喝一杯红酒。 和早餐也..

我们希望为您提供一个良好的睡眠质量,良好的食物,在一个美丽的轻松的环境尽可能接近自然。 我们享受周围雄伟的山脉,蝉声和朦胧的月光和星星的声音。 这就是我们对老挝农村的看法,这就是我们想与大家分享的理解。 我们不是一家豪华酒店,而只是一个大自然爱好者的小屋。

您在这里看到的费率是您支付的费用。 所有税均包括在内。 请注意,一些基于互联网的预订引擎会对您首先看到的价格增加税费

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Product Description

All our 15 bungalows feature a spacious 40 square meters private room with big private balcony and large bathroom. The balconies faces the river with stunning view of the river and mountains.  All rooms are air-conditioned, have a fridge, safety box, electric kettles, free tea and coffee and beds are covered with mosquito nets.

Free glass of red wine per night to each of you if you book directly online here

We hope to provide you with a good nights quality sleep, good food in a beautiful relaxing environment as close to nature as possible. We enjoy the greatness of the majestic mountains surrounding us, the sound of cicadas and the dim moon light and the stars. This is our idea of the rural Laos that we love, and this is the understanding we want to share with you. We are not a luxury hotel, but merely a lodge for nature lovers.

The rates you see here are the rates you pay. All taxes are included. Beware that some internet based booking engines add taxes to the price you see first

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